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Volumetric's Light-Based Bioprinting Platform Featured on the Cover of Science

Posted by Jordan Miller on
Volumetric's Light-Based Bioprinting  Platform Featured on the Cover of Science

HOUSTON, May 7, 2019 – The 3D tissue printing technology invented by Volumetric’s co-founders at Rice University has recently been featured on the cover of leading scientific journal Science (Science  03 May 2019: Vol. 364, Issue 6439, pp. 458-464 DOI: 10.1126/science.aav9750). The study, led by Bagrat Grigoryan, PhD and Professor Jordan Miller of Rice University, showed, for the first time, that projection stereolithography can be utilized with water-based photoactive bio-inks containing live cells to result in intricate perfusable 3D architectures unprecedented within hydrogels. This process unlocks the ability to generate complex biological structures like blood vessels and lung alveoli hundreds of time faster than existing bioprinting technologies, offering more physiologically relevant tissue models for drug screening  and a viable path towards replacement organs.

The multi-institution team, comprised of researchers from Rice, the University of Washington at Seattle, Duke University, Rowan University, and design studio Nervous System, further demonstrated that liver tissues built on this platform could be successfully implanted into rats and integrated with the host’s blood supply.

Volumetric has licensed the intellectual property behind the photoactive bio-inks and recently partnered with global bioprinting leader CELLINK AB to provide this platform technology to academic researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers worldwide.   As the first projection stereolithography based bioprinter on the market, the Lumen X will empower researchers and engineers to build biological structures with unmatched speed and fidelity.  The recent publication in Science is a key demonstration of what customers can now do with the core technology offered by Volumetric.

Further press releases available from Rice University, Scientific American, Forbes, and Seeker.

Read about the making of the cover image from Science.

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